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Projects we have been asked to undertake

Agent Provocateur 
(Dovehire/Dreamcars)   www.dreamcars.co.uk

16 American Camaro car fronts for the shop windows of their flagship stores around the world to launch their new swimwear collection.
Once cast, the pieces were sent to a body shop to be painted and 'dressed' before being sent out across the world. Where the window dressers did a great job.

First the car needed to be prepped,and made more generic.

Then it was moulded with Grp polyester resin (silicone free)
on the sides, bonnet and front sections.


As the wheels and tyres needed to be cast, they were moulded with silicone rubber and resin jacket.

meandcamaro                                                                                                                                          camarompould3

Each cast being a specific length for each flagship store.

First out of the mould..... and many many followed!

The finished windows... (some of them)


And it survived its ordeal unscathed!

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